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Thursday, July 30, 2009

August Art Walk - Heidi Dikeman

Heidi Dikeman
Brown (from Crayola® Series)
Xerox Lithograph on Paper

We are honored to feature the prints of Heidi Dikeman in the shop during the month of August. Join us for the Downtown Art Walk on Friday, August 7 from 6 to 10 pm to meet the artist and enjoy her work. Heidi lived in Bellingham for 14 years and her talents in graphic design and branding are well-known around town. A year ago, she moved to Maine and has since been exploring printmaking and other visual arts. We'll be featuring her Crayola® Series in the shop, in which she undertakes a complex study of the colors from a box of crayons circa 1949. Here's what she says about this series:

"Coming to art through graphic design, I came to graphic design through art as well. This Crayola® Series combines my two worlds through the color study of Crayola® Crayons No. 48 circa 1949. I took the 48 colors, matched them with the Pantone® Process Color Library, took the CMYK (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) process build into Photoshop,® and then decreased the DPI (dots per inch) for print. The color formula was then printed as separations in the typical structured pattern. This color dot layering is what makes up most color printed materials. These “separations” are then printed similarly to offset printing but instead with the paper lithography technique. Same color build, same affect, but with a magnified dot pattern and the human touch - less perfect.

Why Crayola®? My previous art has often been more nostalgically based. This box of 48 crayons was found in my grandmother’s attic in Maine, the state I now call home after living in Bellingham, Washington for 14 years. This box of crayons has helped me produce a more abstract collection of work. Though of course who isn’t “taken back” immediately upon smelling a crayon to those rainy afternoons trying to stay within the lines of their favorite coloring book? Nostalgia seems unavoidable in this case. My interest also lies in the history of Crayola® Crayons and how their colors, and especially the color names, follow social trends. In 1962 flesh was changed to peach as Crayola® recognized that there was a variety of skin colors amongst their clientele. Fluorescent colors were introduced in 1972 and so on."

We hope to see you out and about during Downtown Art Walk. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kltworks - Mount Vernon, WA

Holding an MFA in Fine Art from The School of Visual Arts in New York City, Kristin Loffer Theiss's artistic background allows her to approach her products with a painter’s eye - being concerned with color, texture, and form. Her children’s collection comes from her love of humor, curiosity, and an appreciation of a child’s creative spirit. All toys are handmade at her studio in Mt. Vernon, WA.

Featured Objects

Plush Animals - Cats, owls, snails, and several birds available

Materials: Wool felt and cotton, stuffed with fine polyfil. Lined with cotton.
Dimensions: Sizes vary. Most animals approx. 13" tall
Price: $40

Northwest Slug Loveys

Materials: Polar tec, organic fleece and cotton
Dimensions:10" x 4" x 3"
While not everyone thinks of a slug to be cozy, these little guys are an exception. They fit just right in the arms of your little one, and offer up comfort & companionship. Easily washable.
Available in gray (Sid), olive green (Avery), turquoise (Klaas) or lime green (Dafne).