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Ideal is a carefully curated shop composed of unique, design-conscious gifts and accessories. The objects we choose are creative, authentic, and refined. They are inspired by the vision of talented artists and designers from around the world.

Our store was formed with our own ideal in mind: that shopping should always be a personal and thoughtful experience.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Zid Zid Kids

We love finding really special pieces for children and have found that the best designs appeal just as much to grown-ups as kids. Zid Zid is one of those really wonderful partnerships that is good all the way through. After moving to Morocco, Julie Klear and her husband were inspired by their new home and all its exotic scenery and possibilities. They embarked on a new business venture, creating handmade toys and products for kids with a distinctly modern twist. We love them because not only do they make beautiful toys, they believe in fair trade, are environmentally responsible, and very conscious of safety. All Zid Zid products are handmade in Morocco by artists who support their families with their wages.

Zipper Clutches
Green Bird Clutch, $22
A simple & stylish storage solution while on the go, these Clutch Bags hold up well, carry lots of stuff, look really great, and wash easily. Fits easily under the stroller, in your office tote, in the backseat car pocket.
Just a few ideas for uses:
  • Diapers and diaper necessities
  • Office paperwork
  • Coloring books and markers for long plane or train rides
  • Little toys and books for a play date
  • PJ's, book and lovey for an overnight
  • Also makes for great gift wrap for almost any small present.

Front design embroidered on high-quality phalate-free vinyl from Europe.
Dimensions: 15.70 x 11.40"

Purple Airplane Clutch, $22

Orange Lion Clutch, $22

White Flower Clutch, $22
Pink Hippo Clutch, $22

Meet Louise and Imma. These handmade dolls each come with a one of a kind dress, cape, underwear and leg warmers. Clothing pieces are designed to encourage basics such as buttoning and tying. Both girls have long wool hair is perfect for little hands to learn braiding, brushing, and styling.  

Fabric: Brushed cotton flannel, one of a kind fabric clothing, wool yarn for hair, embroidery
Filling: PolyfilCare
Wash in cold, delicate cycle and air dry
Dimensions: 17 x 15"

Louise Doll, $31
Imma Doll, $31

Airplane and Schoolbus Backpacks

Your preschooler will be ready to roll with these clever backpacks. A good size for snacks, sippy cup, a book and toy.

Color: Silver with white piping (plane); white with white piping (bus)
Fabric: High quality, phalate-free vinyl from Europe, embroidery
Care: Cold wash delicate in cold, air dry.
Dimensions: 12.50 x 14.50"(plane); 13 x 7.5" (bus)
Airplane Backpack, $30

Schoolbus Backpack, $30

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Treasures Arriving Weekly

This is an exciting time of the year for us! Every week from now until mid-November new shipments will arrive from far-flung places (Japan, Finland, Portugal, and Honduras to just name a few) as well as closer to home (Bainbridge Island, Seattle, and Mt. Vernon).

Many of these are pieces from wonderful new designers we found while in New York. Some are new creations from our current designers.

Last week saw the arrival of new objects from Neo Utility and Saikai. We love the iStand from IDEA International. This great little gadget suctions to the back of your iPhone and props it up so you can enjoy a video or browse the internet. 

iStand, $8.00

We also now have IDEA's fantastic Yuento Balloon Speaker in black and lime green.

Yuento Speaker, $45

Miller Goodman PlayShapes ($150) are also back in stock, so come and see this beautiful set of wooden blocks for yourself. 
MillerGoodman PlayShapes, $150

Over the past few weeks we've also received some lovely pieces in from Saikai. If you are a fan of Japanese design, this group represents some of the superstars, such as Mori Masahiro. We have all five colors of his iconic Soy Bottle back in stock, so consider adding this drip-free container for soy sauce to your table. At $22, it makes a really unique gift.

G Type Soy Bottle, $22

Also, Toyo Sasaki HS "Hard Strong" stacking glasses. First produced in 1967, the reinforced lip on these glasses makes them extra durable and they remain the leading brand in Japanese food service. At $4.50 apiece, it's a great way to introduce a bit of Japanese design to your kitchen.
HS "Hard Strong" Glasses, $4.50 apiece

Newly arrived and wonderful - these Pocket Vases in white, yellow, or green. They work beautifully for flowers, but serve as handy catch-alls as well for things like pencils and paintbrushes.

Pocket Vase, $24

Finally, these wooden tops. They are miniature sculptures - lovely!
Koma Wooden Tops, $6.50 apiece

We also just received a beautiful assortment of glass jewelry from Julie and Jess at verre newyork. It is challenging to find glass jewelry that is elegant and understated and these two glassblowers seem to hit the mark every time. If you see a design you like but would prefer a different color, we can always order you exactly what you want. They have over one hundred colors in their palette.

Three Drop Necklace, $102

Piet Burst Necklace, $106

Piet Stud, $33

Ulala Hoop, $50

Finally, the latest addition to our selection from Museum of Modern Art - the Chalkboard Vase.

MoMA Chalkboard Vase, $4

Draw your own vase, contraption, or creature to hold the flowers. Also works for love notes and to-do lists. The vase includes hardware for wall mounting, as well as a chalk-holder.

That's just a taste of what's new in the shop. We will update you again next week on the latest arrivals! You can also check our Facebook Page for more frequent updates. Until then, enjoy this drawing of the Yuento Balloon Speaker in use. Who wouldn't want to be this happy walking down the street?