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Friday, October 29, 2010

Danish Designs of the Week

It's been another exciting week in the shop with great new designs arriving daily. Here's a taste of the latest, which coincidentally all happen to come from Denmark.

Based in Denmark, AIAIAI designs headphones and other electronics accessories. Their Tracks Headphones bring you not only great audio quality, but also the chance to sport a nice splash of color while enjoying your favorite tunes. These headphones give a nod to the classic design of the Sony Walkman headphones from the 1980s. But while they are retro-styled, the sound quality is absolutely 21st-century. Available in black, cream, or peach. Stop by the shop with your iPod to test them out.
Tracks Headphones, $60

The A-Stand uses simple plumbing-type tubes as structural elements. Designed to make your workstation more ergonomic, this stand is lightweight, portable, and easy to put together. Available in yellow and black.

A-Stand, $60

Also in from Denmark this week - the stunning Krenit Bowl, first designed in 1953 by Herbert Krenchel, is once again being produced by Normann Copenhagen. The Krenit's matte-black exterior, characteristic sharp edge and contrasting enamel interior creates a balance between material and form. For a metal object, it's surprisingly delicate.

Krenit Salad Bowl - iron w/enamel interior, $109

Krenit Salad Servers - melamine, $30

As Krenchel himself explains, “In 1953 the idea was to make a beautiful bowl, preferably so functional and delicate that it was equally suited for use in the kitchen, on the dining table and as a decoration in the sitting room. As a material researcher I really concentrated on getting the different materials to match and look good together as well as making them equally compatible to use together. Enamel is a fantastic material, and even today my heart yearns for an enamel bowl. It is fantastic that the Krenit bowl is coming into production once more.” Pair it with Krenchel's complimentary melamine salad servers for a lovely set. We love the way the white interior contrasts visually with a bright green salad.

The beautiful True Feelings votives are designed by the Claydies, a Danish duo working in clay with often conceptual results. They designed True Feelings while blindfolded, focusing their attention on touch rather than visual stimulation. As they put it, "True Feelings is designed by our fingers and our fingers only. Often the looks of our designs are thoroughly thought through. The idea of True Feelings is to do the opposite and let the hands take control – while being blindfolded. This allows us to lose the sense of proportion and our focus is transferred from our sight to the fingers.”
True Feelings porcelain votives...

...set of two, $26

And here's yet another clever object from Denmark - the Wine Breather from Menu. Need to aerate your wine but don't have hours to wait? This multi-tasking design aerates a bottle of wine in less than two minutes, which can then be served either from the elegant carafe or from the original bottle. Comes with a stopper, as well, in case you don't quite finish the bottle in one sitting.

That's it for today's update, but keep in mind that next Friday, November 5 is Downtown Art Walk, for which we will feature a special trunk show from Alchemy Goods. Enjoy 20% off all Alchemy Goods for the evening! We will be receiving a shipment of their newly released designs next week, so there will be lots to choose from.

In the meantime, stay tuned for news about new designs from Sandy Chilewich, Teroforma, and more. Marimekko is en route from Finland as I type this! We will keep you posted on new arrivals. As always, check our Facebook Page for the latest news.