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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to School

Are there students in your life heading back to school? Or perhaps you are a student yourself? We've got some great ideas to make the transition back to campus a smooth one.

Dorm rooms nearly always lack sufficient storage. It's tricky to cram an entire wardrobe into that teensy closet. Rather than encroaching on your roommate's space, add a little extra with these clever storage hooks from Design House Stockholm. Mounted on the wall, these are perfect for coats, hats, bags, umbrellas, even hangers. They look great empty, as well.

Wave Hanger by Nanni Holen, $60

Arrow Hanger by Gustav Hallen, $40

Fall brings rain showers in the Pacific Northwest. How to keep your precious cargo dry as you trek across campus? Alchemy Goods makes waterproof bags that are as stylish as they are practical. Based in Seattle, Alchemy Goods practices upcycling when making their products. Using discarded bicycle inner tubes and seatbelts, they make bags and accessories that are built to last.
Haversack Bag by Alchemy Goods, $100

Struck by inspiration for the perfect essay? Sitting on the bus thinking about groceries? Needing to capture the song lyrics stuck in your head? Field Notes can help. Made in Portland, Oregon, these are the perfect notebook to always have on-hand for jotting down notes or making inspired doodles. Packs of three notebooks are $10. Pair with a Field Notes Sleeve in selvedge denim from MS&Co. to protect those important musings.  
Field Notes 3-Pack, $10; MS&Co Denim Sleeve, $32

Shred unwanted papers at all hours without disturbing your roommate! Simply turn the hand crank on the Bye Bye Handy Shredder and destroy those pesky documents while being quiet as a mouse. Needs no electricity and tucks away neatly on a bookshelf when not in use.
Bye Bye Handy Shredder, $45

Let your roomie know where to meet you between classes with this shark-shaped  chalkboard. Wipes clean with damp cloth or eraser.
Shark Chalk Board, $15

Spruce up your room by displaying your favorite photos, postcards, or drawings on this mobile. Easy to switch out images of friends and family to suit your mood.
Mobile Clip Photo Hanger, $17.95

8a.m. class? No problem waking up in a pleasant mood with this sweet Bird Alarm Clock from &Design. Forget the jarring "BEEP BEEP" of a standard alarm clock. With this beauty, your choice of two lovely bird calls will help you rise and shine. 
Bird Alarm Clock by &Design, $43

Music is a big part of college life and we have some well-designed ideas for quality listening.

Make your roommate happy by sharing this beautiful radio on a bookshelf. Tivoli Audio is well-known for making the best table radios on the market. Designed by hi-fi legend Henry Kloss, the Model One Radio sounds powerful and clear as a bell. Can also function as a speaker for your MP3 player. Available with black or white cabinet and silver face or walnut cabinet with beige face. 

Tivoli Audio Model One Radio, $150

 While it's still nice weather, studying outside is a great option. Connect an iPod or phone to this rechargeable Yuento Speaker and enjoy several hours of music with friends while hitting the books, headphone-free.
Yuento Balloon Speaker, $45

Finally, every student needs some downtime away from studying. Here's a great way to spark creativity and clear your mind when you need a break. 642 Things to Draw is just what it sounds like: a sketchbook with hundreds of suggestions, some more challenging than others. How would you draw the Bermuda Triangle? 
642 Things to Draw, $16.95

We hope this sampling of good designs brings you inspiration as fall approaches. As always, we have many more ideas and are happy to help you find the perfect piece for any occasion. Give us a call (360-752-5522) or email info@anidealshop.com with any questions.  Until next time, find us on   Facebook for the latest updates on new designs for fall!