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Thursday, March 19, 2009

normann-copenhagen - Denmark

Founded by Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen in 1999, normann-copenhagen launched its first product in 2002. Since then, more than 38 products followed, as well as collaborations with established design names and new talents from around the world. Honored with numerous international design awards, normann-copenhagen continues is mission to challenge convention and reinvent the everyday to make even the ordinary extraordinary through great design.

Featured Objects

Cognac Glass

Designer: Rikke Hagen, 2004
Material: Glass
Price: $60.00/set of two

As designer Rita Hagen explains, "I wanted the glass to give the user a feeling of a gentleman's study and at the same time a sense of the calmness when you fondle a stone. The stem kept irritating me. I took the consequence and cut it off."

Woofy Computer Cord Holder

Designer: Gabriel Nigro
Material: Hardened plastic
Dimensions: 30 x 47 x 19.7 cm.

Gabriel Nigro was inspired to design Woofy in order to help a friend who had problems with messy computer cables. Simply tuck cords inside Woofy to tame your cable mess.

Grass Vases

Material: Stoneware
Dimensions: 7" tall; small vase has one tube, large has two
Small vase, $63.00; Large vase, $83.00

The Grass Vase is a lovely testament to spring. "Claydies" are the duo Karen Kjoeldgard-Larsen and Tina Brosko. All the vases are handmade and individual variations in each emphasize the unique nature of the piece.

Rocking Glasses

Designer: Britt Bonnessen
Set of four - $25.00

These sturdy glasses can hold just about anything - from coffee to snacks to a tea light. Bonnessen explains his inspiration, "I conceived the idea of the Rocking Glass after watching an old movie about propeller aircraft. The old aircraft produced a lot of vibration, therefore the glasses and tableware were designed not to spill."

Other Objects Available from normann-copenhagen:
  • Familia Cup, small
  • Familia Cup, large
  • Familia Tea Pot
  • Butterfly Can Opener
  • Move Card Holder
  • Move Money Clip

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