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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Arrivals

New Marimekko is Here!

It's always an exciting day in the shop when a new Marimekko shipment arrives. We just received several boxes direct from Finland and have been eagerly unpacking them.

We now have three styles of shower curtains from Marimekko. Transform your bathroom with one of these beautiful, machine washable curtains.
Kaiku Shower Curtain, $49

Tuuli Shower Curtain, $49

Blue Unikko Shower Curtain, $49

Marimekko trays are an ever-popular gift and we have two classics back in stock - the Silkkikuikka and the Kaiku. The trays make great "catch-alls" for the bathroom counter, entry table, or bedside table. They are also the perfect size to carry a cup of coffee and a treat:
Silkkikuikka Tray, $28

Kaiku Tray, $28

We also have several new bags, like this Clover style in a new Unikko color combination. Marimekko handbags are well-known for the quality and durability of their fabrics. Best of all, you can wash them.

Clover Bag, $79

And we are stocked up on cheery umbrellas to help chase away any dreary rainy days yet to come. There's more from Marimekko, as well. Stop by to have a look!

Rakastaa Umbrella, $44
Red Unikko Umbrella, $44

Meteori Umbrella, $44

Loll Designs
This week we are also happy to welcome Loll Designs to the shop. Based in Minnesota, Loll is committed to making outdoor furniture that is maintenance-free. Yes, that's right! You can leave these outdoors year-round without worry.

Loll Designs products are made in Minnesota from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same material as the #2 recyclable plastics that you take out to curb every week. We now have the Cabrio Lounge Chair in stock...

Cabrio Chair, $399

...as well as two styles of bird houses - the Pitch and the Cube, in an array of colors:

Pitch Birdhouse, $69

Cube Birdhouse, $69

Also for the Birds
Audubon Bird Calls and feeders are back in stock from American Bird Products. The same family has been making these calls in New England for over fifty years. The call consists of a birchwood cylinder fitted with a zinc plug - see below how twisting the plug produces sounds which attract a variety of wild songbirds. At $9 apiece, these make a great addition to an Easter basket.

The cast zinc birdfeeder adapter converts an empty soda bottle into an elegant and economical bird feeder.
Soda Bottle Bird Feeder, $12

So there you have just a few happy, colorful ideas to help you remember that spring is on the way. If you have any questions, please stop by, call (360.752.5522), or e-mail info@anidealshop.com. As always, remember to check our Facebook page frequently for the latest news about incoming objects and upcoming events. In the meantime, a few upcoming events to keep in mind:
Ladies' Night Out, Friday, April 29 - We will be featuring a special trunk show of Mon Bijou jewelry at 20% off for the evening. Organized by Downtown Bellingham Partnership, this event features many downtown businesses open late with special sales, beauty services and refreshments. Proceeds benefit Womencare Shelter.

Children's Art Walk, Friday, May 6 - 6-9pm. This is one of the years' most popular Art Walks. Businesses extend their hours into the evening and hang artwork from local schoolkids. We will be featuring the creations of Paula McGrath's kindergartners from Parkview Elementary.

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